Monday, May 21, 2018

Disneyland Pixar Fest

We like to do the special meal deal things that go with different events - parades, fireworks, shows, etc.  On this trip we did it for the Pixar Play Parade.  The advantage to doing these is you get preferred seating at the event.  It saves us from going a couple of hours early to stake out a spot, or stand in line in the heat to get a good seat, etc.  We figure we have to eat anyway, we might as well do this and get a good seat!  Plus you get a discount as Annual Passholders - that's always a perk!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Disney's California Adventure - Pixar Fest

Pixar Fest - Now - September 3, 2018

***all info subject to change - some of this is already outdated (as of 6/9/18)

Disney's California Adventure - Pixar Fest

Chris and I just spent a fun Saturday (May12th) at Pixar Fest to celebrate Mother's Day.  We got to Anaheim around 7:00pm on Friday, so we went in to California Adventure for a couple of hours. We ate dinner and took a few pictures.  It was nice to get my excitement to see everything under control a little.  To get the initial "aaaahhhhh!!!!!!" factor out of the way.  We were able to get a look at things, then make a "plan" for the next day.  A plan is good to have - just leave some flexibility in it.  It's important to know what is really important to see.  Every time we go, whether its just the 2 of us, or a group of family or friends, we always ask everyone what they absolutely have to see/do to make this a successful trip for them.  

Self-proclaimed Disney fan: an intro

I love Disney.
I am a huge fan of Disney - and especially Disneyland and California Adventure! The Disneyland Resort is my happy place.  There is magic there!  We've been many times over the years - I grew up in Santa Monica, CA and went at least once a year for years.  My husband, Chris, and I raised our kids with Disney, taking several trips as a family there, and he and I are now in our 3rd year of being Annual Passholders!  (We're empty nesters)  It's awesome!  I will share my thoughts on that in the future.  I'll share our experiences in this Blog.

We've done many different things at the resort.  I plan to share it all.  I am asked all the time what tips I have for the parks.  I'll share some of those, too.  My biggest thing is for people to be open to many different activities.  The parks have so much to offer! Shows, parades, characters, fireworks, food, etc.   Take advantage of all of it - not just the rides.  Unless that's all you want!  Who am I to boss you around?  :)  But there are so many things to see there.  I love having a well rounded experience.

Heading to the park!

My favorite characters include the Alice in Wonderland crew (especially the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter), Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, Eugene Fitzherbert, Belle, Ariel and Rapunzel.  But my very favorite characters are Mike and Sully - with an emphasis on Sully.  :)  I love the Incredibles, the characters from Up, Inside Out and Coco.  When Disneyland started Pixar Fest in April, I realized that most of my favorite characters are Pixar!  I knew I had to see it!  We live in Arizona - so it's about a 6 hour drive.  We have to do some planning.  We were planning a trip over the summer, but I really wanted to see it ASAP.  Mother's Day weekend seemed like the perfect time for a preview.  It didn't take much convincing to get Chris to agree to go with me!  :)  My next post will be about that trip.  I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you what my blog will be about.  Keep an eye out for future posts!  Thanks for your time!  :)

Have a magical day!