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Disney's California Adventure - Pixar Fest

Pixar Fest - Now - September 3, 2018

***all info subject to change - some of this is already outdated (as of 6/9/18)

Disney's California Adventure - Pixar Fest

Chris and I just spent a fun Saturday (May12th) at Pixar Fest to celebrate Mother's Day.  We got to Anaheim around 7:00pm on Friday, so we went in to California Adventure for a couple of hours. We ate dinner and took a few pictures.  It was nice to get my excitement to see everything under control a little.  To get the initial "aaaahhhhh!!!!!!" factor out of the way.  We were able to get a look at things, then make a "plan" for the next day.  A plan is good to have - just leave some flexibility in it.  It's important to know what is really important to see.  Every time we go, whether its just the 2 of us, or a group of family or friends, we always ask everyone what they absolutely have to see/do to make this a successful trip for them.  

Annual Passholder Area

There is an Annual Passholder (AP) area in the far left corner of Paradise Gardens.  You get stickers - they change every 2 weeks - and there are little art projects.  There is a photo backdrop for taking pictures.  They have things to hold in the pictures that change every 2 weeks, also.

                                               Annual Passholder area photo backdrop

Paradise Gardens Pavilion

Some important things to know about Pixar Fest at California Adventure.  Paradise Gardens Pavilion is the area by Goofy's Sky School - there are bathrooms and places to eat there.  They have set up a photo area with posters of their movies and they have Miguel and Hector statues (for lack of a better word!) that you can take pictures with.

Pixar Pals Photo Area

Next to that is the Pixar Pals photo area.  From 11am-6:30pm daily 2 Pixar characters are there every 30 minutes to take pictures with people.  They don't have a schedule of those and will not tell you who's next.  It's a surprise!  When we walked up Woody and Buzz were inside.  We have pictures with both of them already, so we didn't really need them, but the line was long enough that we knew by the time it was our turn there would be new characters.  So we got in line.  And surprise! - Russell and Dug from Up were next!  That was exciting!  Dug is my spirit animal ("Squirrel!") and we've never seen those 2 characters out before!  So that was really fun!  Dug licked us - making the sound and everything.  :)  And Russell was really good at the hugs and high 5's.

We then got back in line.  We were very curious who would be next.  When I got my first glimpse of Sully and Mike heading our way I almost squealed!  A 50 year old woman acting that way?!?!?! Yep!  That was me!  I was so excited!!!!!  I've seen Sully twice before - but never seen Mike!  And a hug from Sully is the best!  I was giddy as a schoolgirl!  :)  I was trying to be dignified.  But that’s hard to do when Mike and Sully are in front of me! 

After 6:30pm you can still take pictures with the cute backdrop.  
There are just no Pixar characters.

Garden Bandstand

The Garden Bandstand is right across from the Pixar Pals photo area.  You can listen to them while in line for photos.  You can also get food at one of the restaurants nearby and eat in this area.  The Pixarmonic Orchestra is AMAZING!!!

Knick's Knack's  

This store is located at the crest of Pixar Pier, across from The Cove.  It is now one of my favorites!  Tons of Pixar Fest merchandise and lots of character drawings all over the store.  It took quite awhile to take it all in.  I loved it!

The Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats is on Pixar Pier - just past Knick's Knack's.  

They have soft serve ice cream - chocolate-capped lemon, vanilla, chocolate, chocolate/vanilla swirl, root beer floats or the Pixar Pier Parfait - lemon with blue raspberry swirl.Very lemony!  On a hot day, it would be perfect!

The Cove Bar

This is located at the crest of Pixar Pier, across from Knick's Knack's.  We had some lobster nachos!  They have several great choices at the Cove, but this is a popular one!  We destroyed it.

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