Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Disneyland Stays

Where to stay when you go to the Disneyland Resort

If you can afford to do a Disney hotel - do it!  That’s a fun thing to do!  We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for one night in 2010 when we dropped Ali off for the Disney College Program.  They had a special deal going.  It was awesome!  I’d love to stay there again, but they haven’t had the same deal…..  :)

I just look at hotels.com - or any discount hotel place - to find good deals.  Look for a hotel with breakfast - most of the hotels in the area have free breakfast.  Some are continental breakfasts, and some are hot.  Make sure to get what you want there.  Some charge for parking in their lot, some don’t.  Make sure you’re careful about that and choose wisely.  We’ve stayed at many of them - some we liked a lot, some just a little.  But really just check the prices and the amenities - prices change constantly!  

Also - when they say they’re within walking distance of Disneyland, check that.  Some say they’re a 5 minute walk away - but that could mean 5 minutes away from a corner of the property, not the entrance.  There is only 1 entrance, so make sure the information you get from the hotel is a
walk to the entrance, not just the property.  Ali and I stayed at one several years ago that said "5 minute walk to the park" - and they meant a far corner…..  we had to walk uphill and over the overpass and through all of Downtown Disney.  It felt like a 50 mile hike!  :)  We were unprepared, and it was not pleasant!  

Here are a few that we have stayed in.  (The last one is our favorite - but it is a 15-20 minute drive....  It may not work for you.)  These hotels are various distances from the entrance.

This one is the one that we've stayed in that is closest to the entrance.  It doesn't look like they do breakfast anymore, but the parking and wifi are free.  The rooms are decent, but the prices are a little high most of the time now.  We haven’t stayed there for a few years.  They used to be more reasonable.  Keep an eye on it.

This is a short walk - but it is over the freeway overpass.  It’s a hike.  They do have a shuttle.  It’s just a small van, so be prepared to wait a bit.  The rooms are fine.  You really don’t spend a lot of time in the room anyway, so it’s fine just for sleeping.  It’s right by Shakey’s Pizza.            


 Good pizza - great lunch buffet!  Lunch prices are good.

With our Annual Passes we get free parking, so we don’t have to be within walking distance.  
We’ve stayed at a few hotels a little further out.

We have stayed at the Hilton a few times.  Great hotel, but no free parking or breakfast.

This was a good hotel.  Tiny elevators, but great beds and breakfast!

We stay at Marriott Hotels now.  My husband travels for work and they use Marriott.  So he gets points every time we stay at one of theirs.  These are a few we have stayed in.  They were all pretty good.

Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate
It's nice to have your own kitchen - with a large fridge and microwave!  They have a large bus to take you to the parks.  And the breakfast was good!

SpringHill Suites Anaheim Maingate 

This is a short walk - it's about a mile.  There's also a CVS Pharmacy on the bottom floor - it's basically built on top of and around the CVS.  The breakfast was good.

Anaheim Marriott Suites, Garden Grove
Like the Hilton, this is a nice hotel.  No free parking or breakfast.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Hills Orange County

This one is our favorite.  It’s about 15-20 minute drive, depending on traffic.  The beds are amazing!  And the breakfast is good.

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