Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Peter Pan Flies!

Peter Pan's Flight is one of our favorite rides at Disneyland!  We try to ride it every time we go.   There is always a line, and there are no fast passes available for this one. It's a great ride!  But it's quick.  So don't stand in line too long for it.  

It's a great ride for kids!  But if you have children with you - don't keep them in line for more than 10-15 minutes.  It gets boring really fast!  If you have 2 adults with you, have one stand in the line, and the other take the kids to get a snack, or ride the carousel, then join the line when it's much less of a wait.  There are several places where it's easy to get in line.  The workers are very nice about it - as long as you're nice to them!  They understand how hard it is to be there with small children!
If you have no choice but to stand in line with the kids, 
make sure to have something fun for them to do. 
A fun game will help pass the time.  

Here are a few ideas: 
I Spy
Disney Hedbanz (just the cards)
Disney Trivia - click here for one of our favorites for all ages 

Happy Flying!  

Flying over the rooftops of London!

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