Friday, June 22, 2018

Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience

Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience

This was a great - and fun! - experience.  It's on top of the Launch Bay building.   The view is amazing! Especially once it gets dark and all the lights come on.  It's relaxing and laid back.  A nice break from the craziness of the Parks.

This was an experience well worth the time and money!  We would do it again!  Keep reading for more!

It's $50 per person.  You get a snack box - it's got a lot of snacks inside!  Crackers and cheese, grapes, and 4 desserts.  They were all really good!  And you get unlimited drinks - (non alcoholic, of course, it's Disneyland, not California Adventure!) - water bottles, soft drinks, hot chocolate, coffee and tea.  

Checkin is in Tomorrowland by Alien Pizza Planet.

You get to come and go freely - there is no bathroom up there.

And you get a great view of the fireworks on both sides of the Matterhorn.
You can't see the projections on the castle, or It's a Small World, or the Rivers of America.
But you can hear the music and see the fireworks themselves.  You can even see the things flying around the castle - not perfectly, but you can see them.


Phone charging device (for lack of a better word!)
You just have to ask for one when you get there.

Chris took this of me from the ramp.

Minnie came for a visit!

This is my lanyard with the phone charging thing.

Great view of the fireworks - both sides of the Matterhorn.

They have some games to play

What a view!!!!!


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