Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Things to take

What to take with you to Disneyland and California Adventure

Keep reading for list of things you need!


Snacks - save some money on snacks in the park. Raisins, crackers, trail mix, granola bars, etc are good for keeping your hunger at bay. You’re walking, and sweating(!), a lot. You need to snack to keep your energy up. You do not want to have to buy snacks in the park. They won’t have what you want, and it will be really pricey. Save that for treats you can’t live without - like churros, stuffed pretzels, frozen lemonade, caramel apple, or whatever treat you love.

Water Bottles - why pay $4 for a water bottle in the park? Plus - all restaurants will give you cups of ice water for free. Some of them give a large cup - Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland, Plaza Inn at the end of Main Street - I can’t remember who else. Do not get dehydrated!

Sunscreen - so much cheaper when purchased elsewhere! And you don’t want to get a sunburn - thats a great way to ruin your trip.

Jacket - It gets chilly at night most of the year. Check the weather forecast. Or you can spend $50 on a hoodie there……


Cash or debit card and ID.

Stroller - if you have small kids, bring your own stroller. They do rent them there for $15 a day, which isn’t bad, but they don’t have a ton of storage and have been used by who knows how many kids before you? You can also keep things in the stroller. People are generally very respectful of strollers - no things taken from them when they’re parked for rides, or shows, or something, generally. There’s never a guarantee, of course. I, personally, wouldn’t leave anything expensive in there. But I’m paranoid about things being stolen. Our daughter leaves things (diaper bag, toys, food, etc) all the time and has never had a problem. So it’s up to you.

Bag to carry it all in - I prefer a backpack. It’s easier to get through crowds without a bag in my hands - and not as annoying as carrying a bag.  A back pack is so convenient!

Extra Items, if needed/wanted:

Ibuprofen and Band Aids are never a bad idea either.  Easier to do yourself than go to First Aid.  Although they're really nice in there! :)

Pins for trading (and extra pin backs for the inevitable lost, or dropped, pin backs!)

Autograph books or something for characters to sign

Things for the kids to do in downtimes - such as: waiting for food at restaurants, standing in line for rides or characters, waiting for a parade or show, etc. Basically to help with waiting. I like the packs in the dollar section of Target that have crayons, stickers and a couple of coloring pages for the kids. They rotate characters - some are Disney, some are not - but they’re really cute. And the bags are resealable.

Also - if you’re going with kids - go to the Dollar Store and get glow in the dark things for them to have at night. They’ll feel a part of the experience when it gets dark - and it won’t cost you a fortune. We have purchased things for the grandkids to play with - like a cool spinning Buzz Lightyear toy that lights up. It was great for the night. But they didn’t last forever, of course, and they weren’t cheap. So we go to the Dollar Store now. The kids love those things just as much. And you don’t worry if they’re lost or broken - it's no big deal.

Here is my backpack and some of the things that go in it:

Chris and I have our designated Disneyland backpacks. Mine is always ready - I was not as prepared for the birth of any of my 3 children! I never had a bag packed, like they suggest. But for Disney trips? My bag is always ready! :) What if there is a last minute, emergency Disney trip? I need to be prepared! (Call me!)

I roll my jacket rolled up and put it in the bottom.  My sunscreen goes in a large baggie - that way if it spills, it doesn’t get on my stuff.  I also have a small tube of regular lotion in a baggie, for my dry hands.

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