Monday, July 9, 2018

How is Disney's Magic Real?

I've been thinking a lot about what makes Disney magic for me.  This blog is called Disney: The Magic is Real - how is it real???

I have always had a pretty good imagination.  I'm an only child, so I played alone a lot.
When I was a kid there was a Disney show on tv every Sunday night that my Dad and I watched together - The wonderful World of Disney!  I remember that Sunday nights with my Dad meant Disney!

I went to Disneyland several times as a kid.  I lived in Utah until I was 12, but both sides of my family lived in California, so we went sometimes when we would visit them.  I always enjoyed it!

When I was a teenager we lived in Santa Monica - about 40 minutes away.  I went at least once a year with my friends.  For my 18th Birthday I got to go twice - with 2 different groups of friends!  Disneyland is what I wanted to do as an "adult"!

2015 - Annual Passes!
Luckily my husband, Chris, liked Disney, too.  We took our daughter there right before she turned 3, so she would be free!  Those are some of the best memories!  She loved it.  And we enjoyed taking a child with us.  We moved from California right after she turned 4.  So we had to travel much further to go!  Over the years we took our 3 children there several times.  Our daughter, Ali, did the Disney College Program for 8 months in 2010.  We've had many amazing experiences there!  In the last few years we have gone with our 3 grandchildren a couple of times.  And Chris and I got Annual Passes in 2015.  We'd wanted them for years, and finally just did it!

Back to the magic - we spent 11 years working with a youth theater.  Some of those experiences, and shows, were truly magical.  We got hooked on magic!  And the feelings it gives you - the excitement, the "ooh", and the feeling of kinship you feel with the people involved.  When we moved on from that experience, we needed something that we could do often to bring us some magic.  We need magic in our lives!

These are 2 of the music choices!
Life is hard.  Not an easy way to say that.  Sometimes reality totally bites.  We need the magic we feel at Disneyland/DCA.  If you use your imagination, and give into it, there are many magical things you can experience at the parks.  When we're having a bad day - or dealing with difficult situations, we listen to Disney music.  I just downloaded a bunch of music from Main Street, the different lands, Pixar Pier, etc.  The music they play in the parks!  I hear that music, and I can relax a little bit at home.

When you go to the parks, it's hard to think about anything else!  We can forget our problems or issues and just enjoy the ambience and the experience.

Most Disney Cast Members are wonderful!  Most of them look for ways to make our experience magical.  As long as we're kind to them, we hardly ever have an issue.  When there is an issue, generally it's because we were grumpy at them, too.  Many more cast members want us to have a magical time, than the ones who don't care.

Chris and I tried to go once a month last year - we did have a stretch where it was a little more than 2 months between visits.  And no detailed plans to go.  We were talking one night about how melancholy we were both feeling, and we realized that we had felt that way during the long break we took.  We realized the we needed to always have a trip in the plans, and we'd both feel better.  And that has been true!  We haven't gone every month this year, either, but we've had one in the works at all times.  That anticipation has been good for us, too.  Having the park music helps!  :)

Disney is a magical place - if you let it be!  Remember how it felt to be a kid!  Marvel at the cool things you see.  We've all seen fireworks a bunch of times, but the fireworks at Disney never fail to make me marvel.  I feel like a kid again.  And that's a good thing!

I'm so ready for our next trip!  I've been planning for a few weeks - it will happen soon!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!  I promise to give you information - but I can't promise I won't share my personal feelings with you!  I have very strong feelings.......

It's a Small World in the background

Chris' favorite Disney movie

Olaf!  He's one of my favorites  :)


  1. I've been known to pull up the main street music on YouTube and listen to it at my computer while working! I'm hooked on the magic as well and look forward to reading your posts!

  2. I love this! Disney has long been my escape too I especially love how you enter main Street and the outside world disappears. No sight of street or neighbirhoids, no traffic noises nothing- you just are transported to a wonderful world and you get to escape any troubles from reality��

  3. Love Disney! Love the Music! and You are so so right when you say you are there, nothing else really matters. :)