Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Humidity at Disneyland!

Humidity at Disneyland!  How to cope!

We went to Disneyland and California Adventure last week.  It was wonderful!  EXCEPT.......   It was only in the 80's - which is great for those of us from Arizona!  But the humidity was 50-60% every day!!!  It was a little miserable.......  We were not prepared.  So we bought things there - not the best idea!  :)

Read more for the tools that can help!

A.  Sunscreen is a MUST!  We tried something new - Banana Boat - it was really good!  It smelled great!  And stayed on as long as it promised to.

B.  A mister with a fan was really helpful!!!  And it was nice when we sat at a table we could put it not he table rather than hold it, and sit in front of it to cool down.

C.  We got 2 personal fans - Mickey Mouse hands for the handles - so cute!  We only found them at one place - the counter in Hollywood Land by the Mike and Sully ride.  We also didn't see anyone carrying them, except us.  The misters were everywhere!  They were very helpful!

D.  An insulated cup would have been really great to have!  We were dying for cold water all day.  Lots of people had the insulated cups - and the ice kept the water cold for them all day.  We were a little jealous.....  We bought a couple of cups by Soaring Over the World - they looked insulated, but they were not.  They were nice cups, but the ice didn't stay cold and they did a lot of sweating.  Next time, we're taking our own!

E.  Umbrella - you can wear a hat, but the humidity makes it really hot!  And then your head sweats more because you're keeping it all in.   The umbrella was wonderful for keeping the sun off of us and kept the air flowing.

If we had been prepared we could have bought these things much cheaper - although the little personal fans with the Mickey hands were too adorable to pass up!  And they worked really well!

When you check the weather, check the humidity, too.  That would have been a good thing to know.
We had a great time, but the humidity made it harder.  We spent a lot of time in cooler places in the middle of the day.  The problem with humidity is even when the the sun goes down, it stays humid.  We needed the fans - and cold water - ALL day!

Take all you can with you to help make you as comfortable as possible.  It will make the magic of Disneyland even more apparent!  :)  We felt the magic even in the heat/humidity - but these things made it more comfortable!

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