Thursday, October 4, 2018

Kristoff and Olaf - dreams do come true!

Kristoff and Olaf!!!

Click "Read more" to get the details of my adventure meeting these 2 favorites of mine!

Background for my story:
Ali got a map for me, when she worked there,  in 2010.
I've been working for 8 years to get all the characters to sign it.
I have LOTS of signatures on it.  But there are always more that I want!

I love the Disneyland App.  
Actually, I LOVE the Disneyland App.
I look at it many times throughout the day to see which characters are out and about - 
to get their locations and the times they'll be available.

When I look at the Character list on the Disneyland App 
and see a character I don't already have on my map, I go find that character! 
And it's extra special when it's a character I'd love to meet!
I have met Olaf several times.  
But I looked at the list one day and Kristoff was on it! 
I'd never seen Kristoff up close - 
only in theSing Along - which is no longer at the Park - or the Frozen show at the Hyperion.

He was in the Animation Studio - and would be leaving in just a few minutes.  
For the day.  
Aaaahhhh!!! (Again!!)  
We had just had lunch at Paradise Gardens - on the far side of the park!   
So I literally "ran" from there to the Animation Studio!  
(Ok  it was more of a speed-walk, but it was as fast as could go!)

I got there too late..... He had just left and would not be coming back until the next day.


I was sad!  I really was.  Which is funny, when you think about it.  
Luckily, we were going to the parks the next day, too, 
so I insisted we go to California Adventure first.
And I went straight to the Animation Studio.

I waited in line - told the guy out there my story - 
and he made sure I got in before they left for their break. 
They had heard my sad story from the day before - and they took their time with me!  
Usually, an adult without kids is kind of hurried through.  
The kids are more important for things like this.  
But they knew how much it meant to me, so they created a magical time just for me!
The magic is real!!!!!

Olaf's hugs are almost as good as Sulley's!

Kristoff, especially, took quite an interest in my map

I finally got my picture with 2 of my faves!

It was so worth it!  :)

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  1. Aww this is such a cute story! I'm glad you got to meet him and that they made it special for you!