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Storytellers Cafe Character Brunch - December 2018


Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet

In December 2018 we had a fun character dining experience at the Storyteller's Cafe inside The Grand Californian.  

It is available from 7:00am-2:00pm.  We made our appointment at 1:00 and it was awesome!
Not very crowded at all at that point.
We had some fun interactions with the characters.

The characters we saw were:
Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale

We've done a few character meals before, but none of them were as fun and silly as this one.  We got so much interaction with the characters!  And we had no kids with us - it was just Chris and me.  They didn't care - they still paid attention to us!  And because it wasn't crowded, they spent time with us.  There was no hurry.

And I loved their outfits!
The theme was really cool!


Mickey loved Chris' hat.


And so did Minnie! 
I especially loved the butterfly on Minnie's hat!


Do you know how to tell Chip and Dale apart?  I didn't until a few years ago when my daughter told me.  They always get put together as a pair, but there is a difference.
Chip's nose is dark brown, like a chocolate chip.
Dale's nose is a lighter brown.  They are impressed when you call them by the right name!
Try it next time you see them!


To be totally honest with you all, I've never been a huge fan of Chip and Dale.  They're fine, but I prefer many others.  Until this day.  Dale has an orienteering badge on the front of his vest (Chip's was on the back) and I pointed it out for some reason.  I can't remember why.  But he was impressed that I knew that the compass was for orienteering - I have an Eagle Scout son!  So he pretended to use an invisible compass to figure out which way to go.  It was really funny!  Then he put this invisible compass on the corner of my table and left.  It was great!
THEN: about 30 minutes later, he came back.  And picked up his invisible compass and started using it again to figure out which way to go!  I'm so mad I didn't take a picture of it, because it was really cute!  This may sound like not that big a deal, but I loved it!  And the fact that he remembered half an hour later that the compass was there?!?!  That was really cool!
I am now a Chip and Dale fan!

Every 30 minutes, or so, they did a parade around the tables with the kids (and a few parents) in the room.  The kids loved that!  I took a video, but then realized it was kind of odd to take a video of people I don't know.....  Once it's edited to just the characters, I'll put it here!

Each character visited our table several times.  They would sit down and "chat" with us.  
It felt like we were really hanging out with them.

The food was a combination of breakfast, lunch and brunch items.  If we'd gone earlier, it probably would have been breakfast only, but we went at 1:00 - so lunch items


Left:  This was a cute little dessert - chocolate tort with a candy cane on top.

Right:  Cinnamon milk in a bag!
It tasted like the milk after the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is gone!  Very cute presentation!


Here are a couple of posed pictures I took!  :)
Me trying to be Instagram worthy!


The little clipboard with the name of the food item was a great touch!

Mickey "holding" my little cupcake!
He was a good sport!

Dale and Mickey being silly.
The restaurant was pretty empty by this time.
They did this just for us.

I love the character meals.  I'm looking forward to the next one we go to!
This was the definitely the most fun one so far, in terms of character interaction.
I highly recommend it!

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