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Mary Poppins Returns Review

Mary Poppins Returns Review

Chris, Ali and I reviewed it on our podcast - click on link below if you want to hear it.  Read below for my review.

Episode 16.5                                                                          Our Disney Adventures Podcast

Mary Poppins is not one of my favorites.  I enjoy it.  And it reminds me of my childhood.  
I do get excited when I see Mary Poppins and Bert at Disneyland. 
But it is not one that I would choose to watch over and over again.
Yet, I enjoyed "Saving Mr. Banks", too.
So I like "Mary Poppins" - I just don't obsess over it.
I just wanted to get that out of the way.  :)

I really liked "Mary Poppins Returns". 

I think Emily Blunt did a fabulous job with this part.  Mary Poppins has always been Julie Andrews.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about seeing this with someone else.  But Emily Blunt was perfect for it.  
I didn't look at her and think "Well, that's not Julie Andrews."  I looked at her and thought "That's Mary Poppins!"  She embodied the role as perfectly as Julie Andrews did.  I was impressed!

Lin Manuel Miranda was great!  I was glad it was a different role - not another Bert.  I know that would have been hard, because Bert would be an old man now, but there is the magic of movies.....  you never know what they might do!  I was glad it was a whole new part for him.  He did a good job. There have been some comparisons to Dick Van Dyke.  Why?  It's not fair.  They are different characters.  Can anyone really compete with Dick Van Dyke?!?!!?  No.  He's not trying to.  
I thought he was good on his own merits.  And hearing him rap again was fun!

I thought it captured the spirit of the original movie, while making it's own way, too.
I liked some of the nostalgic things: the house, the Admiral next door, the housekeeper/cook, the kite, etc.  But it didn't dwell on those things.  It was all just part of the story.  I thought that was well done.

It was a little sad.  The premise is that Michael and his children live in the house on 
Cherry Tree Lane.  His wife has passed away, and he and the kids are trying to figure out 
what to do.  His sister, Jane, is helping where she can, too. It's very sad watching them deal with the loss of their wife/mother while being unprepared to handle life without her.  The kids are acting more like grownups and Michael is just lost.  Mary Poppins helps them find their way.  She's good at that!

Michael (Ben Whishaw) sings a song called "A Conversation" to his dead wife.  What an incredibly sad, moving song!  He portrays a devastated husband so well!  This song made me cry.
I remember the feeling of watching this scene, but the music is not in my head.  I just remember that it was sad, and that he's singing to his wife.  I don't have any specific recollections of the song.

It also had a bit more grown up themes.  They will go over the heads of kids, but they are there.

One of the songs: "A Cover Is Not The Book" is a cool looking number.  The costumes are bright and colorful, the dancing is fun to watch, and the tune is catchy.  But the words are....... interesting.
There are 3 tales in this song and all are slightly naughty - or not...... total double entendres.
"Did they just say that?" went through my mind a few times during that song.
Again, they will go over the heads of kids, but they didn't go over my head.

I wanted so badly to love the Meryl Streep song "Turning Turtle".  I love Meryl Streep!  And it was such a cool casting choice to have her in it.  But I felt she was wasted in that scene.  It was supposed to be the "I Love To Laugh" number of this movie - but it didn't have the same feel.  It was weird.  And, even now, I can't even remember the tune of the song.  Or any of the words.  it wasn't catchy.
I don't remember any other words in "I Love To Laugh", but in my head right now I'm singing "I love to Laugh - hahahaha"!  That was a catchy song!

There weren't any songs in this movie that grabbed my attention right away and made me sing the songs after seeing the show.  But I'm not sure that happens often to me anyway.  I think songs generally have to grow on me.  But there were no "stick in your head and never let go" songs like
"A Spoonful of Sugar" or "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".  But I enjoyed the movie anyway!

It is a feel good movie with a great cast!  The music wasn't as catchy as the first one, but maybe they will grow on me with time.  I probably didn't leave the theater singing the songs form the first one either.  But I may have.  There were a lot of catchy numbers in the first one!

Emily Blunt is fantastic!  I hope they do more movies.  PL Travers wrote several books - let's have more adventures with Mary!  :)

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