Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Tale of the Lion King - Don't miss it!

The Storytellers of the Pride Lands

    Tale of the Lion King                                       

This show is near the Little Mermaid ride, across the water from Pixar Pier.  Get there early to get a good seat - there are benches, stairs, the ground and some standing areas.  Kids and their families can sit on the stairs.  There's a part of the show where they pull kids out of the audience.

The show is absolutely worth the wait!  It was so good!
It was hot and uncomfortable while waiting - I missed a bench by 30 seconds!
But it was totally worth it!  The show is awesome!
The Storytellers are amazing and do a fabulous job.

 This was my view - the girl in front of me had a cute Lion King hoodie - it blocked a bit, but she got there first!  Sometimes you've got to deal with things like that.  :)
The story is a shortened version of the movie. 
 It's 23 minutes long, and they tell all the necessary parts of the story. 

From the moment they started dancing down the ramp to the stage we were enthralled.

"Circle of Life"

Mwongozo ("Guide" in Swahili) and Simba
Mufasa, Mwongozo and Simba

Mwongozo, Simba and Scar

 "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" and "Be Prepared" are sung together - and it works!
There is no Zasu - Scar does his lines in "I Just Can't Wait To Be King".

Simba and Scar

Mufasa and Scar


The musicians are on stage with the performers

Simba and Scar

Scar and the hyenas

The Stampede!

 "Run Away and never return!" Scar to Simba
                                                                                                   Timon and Pumbaa - hilarious!                                              
(these 2 storytellers were also                                                        the hyenas!)

"Hakuna Matata"

(She was AMAZING!)

(Mufasa and) Nala
Nala and Simba
"It's me, Simba!"


"Can you Feel The Love Tonight?"


"Simba, you have forgotten who you are....."

Simba confronts Scar

Scar with the Hyenas
More of the musicians
King Simba and Queen Nala

The Lion King head lit up in the tree at the end of the show!
Very cool!

Two of the Storyteller Ensemble 
The musicians were so cool!

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