Monday, July 1, 2019

Our Very Own Quest to be Knights!

Prince Philip is looking for more knights

-  and you have the opportunity to to go on your own quest to become one!  What could be better than this?
It was fun and cool - and FREE!

Go to the Castle Holiday Shoppe in Fantasyland -
around the corner from Peter Pan.  Ask about the Quest and you'll be given the blank shield and first assignment


Our first assignment was to meet royalty!  
There are always 3 in the Royal Hall.


Take an autograph or a picture of you                                 Next go to the Royal Reception Shop
with royalty to Fairytale Treasures - near                           and tell them a tale of bravery.  Then
the Royal Hall.  Get the first piece of your                         you'll get the next piece of your crest
crest and your next assignment.                                         and your next assignment.

Then you're off to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
to fulfill the assignment and earn the next piece
of the crest - and your final assignment. 

Back to the Castle Holiday Shoppe
for the final part of the quest and
to receive the final crest!

It was a fun - and free! - 
way to spend an hour in Fantasyland.  

On the back of the crest it gives more assignments.
Fulfill those and you'll earn jewels to decorate your crest!

Such a fun idea!
This is one of the things Disney does to help you feel magic.
They gain nothing from doing this - it costs nothing!  
They do it just to make a fun experience for their guests.

The magic is real, people!

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