Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Toy Story 4 Review

It felt to me like going home again - comfortable, but different.  It was visiting old friends, in a different space.  (No pun intended!)                                           This story was mostly about Woody,                and his purpose in toy life.  Bo Peep, Forky, Buzz, and several new characters were the stars of this one.  The other toys were there, but they were featured characters, not quite supporting.                        Keep reading for more details.                              
I give it a 9 out of 10

At the end of Toy Story 3, Andy heads off to college.  He gives his precious toys to preschooler Bonnie - to pass them on to someone who would play with them.

Toy Story 4 opens with a flashback to Andy's room - and the loss of Bo Peep and her sheep, Billy, Goat and Gruff.  Bo Peep was Woody's crush, so it's a hard loss for him.  

Flash forward to Andy giving his toys to Bonnie, and then to the present day - Bonnie's room.  

Bonnie is adorable!  But she is different than Andy.  She's a girl, for one thing, and her interests are different.  Not all the toys are played with.  And that makes it tough on those not chosen.

The story continues with Bonnie going to Kindergarten Orientation.  Woody stows away in her backpack to keep an eye on her.  He comes out of her backpack to help her in getting some craft supplies - out of the trash can - and she makes Forky.  Forky becomes her new absolute favorite toy.  Woody takes it upon himself to keep Forky close to Bonnie to help her to be happy.  As always, he's looking out for the happiness of his kid.

The story takes place in several places: an Antique Store, a carnival, a park and an RV - for the most part.  They meet several new characters!

New characters:  Forky - Tony Hale,  Gabby Gabby - Christina HendricksVincent and other dummies, DuckyKeegan-Michael Key, BunnyJordan Peele, Duke Caboom - Keanu Reeves, and Giggle McDimplesAlly Maki.

I loved all the Easter eggs in it - the gas station - Dinoco ("Cars"), the Grape Soda bottle cap ("Up") that the sheep offer to Woody, "In a galaxy far, far away" ("Star Wars") coming from Buzz Lightyear's "inner voice", to name a few.  I don't want to take all the fun away from you!

Duke Caboom is a great new character!  After the credits he comes out like the Pixar lamp, Luxo, and bounces the "I" down.  It's a great touch!  And Combat Carl's friend comes out - does he finally get his high 5???  Inquiring minds want to know!  See the movie to find out!

A fun part:
The Shining music playing on the record player in the antique store when Vincent is taking Gabby Gabby on her stroll.

Some of my favorite lines:

"Oh, chutes and ladders!"  Woody
"All 6 eyes just looked into my soul!"  Bunny, talking about the sheep
"Be who I am right now."  Duke Caboom

"Does this mean (name redacted)'s a lost toy?"
"He's not lost.  Not anymore."  Buzz Lightyear

It was a fresh, new story.  I enjoyed it.  And it did open up a couple of new potential story lines.  I don't know if they're planning to make more Toy Story movies, but they can!  Introducing new characters and locations definitely sets that up!

And remember what Woody and Buzz told us:
Always listen to your inner voice.

That's great advice.

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